See Danny's third date paw at him under the table and site gratuit de rencontre coquine tell a potential John that she costs 500 per visit!
See his brother faking bench-pressing reps at the gym because he can't see the weights!
Hated hated hated hated hated this movie." It was stupid, insulting, and actually offensive at times.
And then I expanded "friends" to include "everyone I could possibly think of".You know the one - "I hated this movie.By the way, Larry runs a limo service and he rents it out to prostitutes and their johns when he isn't busy.This is the first movie I've seen in forever that made me think of Roger Ebert's famous review of "North" as a comparison.Well, since I absolutely hated it, I figured I'd do the same.(Because apparently you have to be someone who works with blind people to ever fall in love with one.) But she's Indian, and therefore her family has an arranged marriage set up for her.To think James Keane said he was really proud of this movie.See Danny's therapist taking off her clothes because she finds him attractive and he can't see her!I saw this movie at the AFI Dallas film festival.See Danny's first date turn into a complete basket case the minute she finds out he's blind!Leeza, a receptionist at a doctor's office for blind patients, takes a liking to Danny.I guess it was trying to be like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin which I really enjoyed, but there's a huge difference between that movie and this one.James Keane, the director, happened to be there with his wife, Jane Seymour (who is in the movie).See Danny get tricked into picking up dog poop because his brother tells him it's candy!