Ideas consume the ages as passions consume men.
To be able to keep a mother-in-law in the country while he la recherche de guy leon lives in Paris, and vice versa, is a piece of good fortune which a husband too rarely meets with.Honoré de Balzac ( ) was a French novelist.Science depresses man; Love exalts the Angel.Part III, Meditation XXV: Allies, Section II: Of the Mother-in-Law.Girls brought up as you were, in a very strait-laced and puritan fashion, always pant for liberty and happiness, and the happiness they have never comes up to what they imagined.Discretion is the best form of calculation.This inner side is God's; the outer side belongs to men.A husband who submits to his wifes yoke is justly held an object of ridicule.Il est parfois plus ou moins hypocrite, et les niais disent alors quil a ou na pas de mœurs.La bureaucratie, pouvoir gigantesque mis en mouvement par des nains, est née ainsi.Qui pourrait déterminer le point où la volupté devient un mal et celui où le mal est encore la volupté?Suicide, moreover, was at that time in vogue in Paris: what more suitable key to the mystery of life for a skeptical society?Peter the Hermit, Calvin, and Robespierre, each at an interval of three hundred years and all three from the same region, were, politically speaking, the Archimedean screws of their age, at each epoch a Thought which found its fulcrum in the self-interest of mankind.Emanciper les femmes, c'est les corrompre.Aussi est-ce le premier sentiment qu'elles demandent à l'amour.Catherine de Médicis, au contraire, a sauvé la couronne de France; elle a maintenu l'authorité royale dans des des circonstances au milieur desquelles plus d'un grand prince aurait succombé.Les mondes doivent se rattacher à Dieu comme un enfant se rattache à toutes les fibres de sa mère: Dieu, cest un grand cœur de mè ny a rien de visible, ni de perceptible dans la conception, ni même dans la grossesse; mais être nourrice.
I think that if there is a scheme worthy of our kind it is that of human transformations causing the human being to advance toward unknown zones.

In music, instruments perform the functions of the colours employed in painting.
Translated by Joseph Walker McSpadden.